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10 Tips On How To Pack Items Correctly In A Cardboard Box

13 Jul


By / admin

10 Tips On How To Pack Items Correctly In A Cardboard Box

Often we are called upon to pack items when we move house or just to ship them to another part of town – sometimes even overseas. Whichever the destination, you must pack your precious items properly so that they don’t get any damage while on transit. Also if you need a removalist in Yarraville or a removalist in St Kilda and most metro areas, contact us and we can help you with moving and packaging materials.

These tips will help you to pack your precious stuff correctly.

  1. Use new boxes. They are sturdy and durable. It is tempting to re-use old boxes so as to save a few bucks here and there, but make sure that you test their durability first. If they are weak, they may tear and spill your goods on transit.
  2. Before you start packing, place a layer of packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. Then place the heavy items which are wrapped with bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. Lighter items should always be on top. Add more packing peanuts at the top before you seal the box.
  3. Wrap fragile items like plates, platters and framed pictures at least three times to prevent breakages. Then place them on their edge in the box.
  4. Place delicate items such as computer/TV screens flat against the side of the box.
  5. Pack enough items but the box should be able to close and seal properly at the top. Do not have any items sticking out of the box.
  6. Do not put excess weight in the box. As a rule of thumb the box should not weigh more than 20 kg so that it is easy to lift and carry.
  7. Use the appropriately sized boxes for the items. For instance, heavy items such as books should be packed in small boxes that are easy to lift. Larger boxes are good for lightweight items such as linen and clothing.
  8. Any empty spaces in the box should be filled with packing materials, to prevent the items from shifting too much while in transit.
  9. Use boxes that are specifically designed for the fragile items that you want to pack. For instance, dish packing boxes are great to store your expensive china.

10.  Seek the services of professional movers to help you pack your items safely.